SIUE MUSIC: A Sound Investment


Please enjoy these pictures from the Friends of Music “Easin’ Down the River” Jazz Cruize of September 28th.

2014-09-28 19.48.58


Dear Friends,

We know you love music!FOM Logo

Some of the country’s most outstanding music students choose Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to refine their talents and define the purpose of their craft.  These students bring a cultural richness to Southern Illinois and carry the promise of an improved society for our future.

As a member of SIUE Friends of Music, you can provide crucial funding for music scholarships that help these worthy musicians learn and grow. That’s great news for students and even better news for you. Why? Because music education impacts…

Student jam

(click each links above to learn more)

Become a member NOW!

We invite you to become a 2013-2014 member of SIUE Friends of Music to help support these gifted men and women.  A SIUE Friends of Music membership starts at just $25.  This tax-deductible contribution will be used to grow the SIUE Music Scholarship fund.

To thank you for your support, please accept:

Complimentary Tickets

to any one of the outstanding student performances on our 2013-2014 Calendar of Events.  As a member, you will receive our very latest performance calendar.  When you’re ready to redeem your tickets simply call our music department at (618) 650 3900 and we will reserve your seats.

Want to keep tabs on SIUE Music students, faculty, and alumni?  Then sign up for email updates to our blog and learn how they are using your generous donations to pay it forward within our community and around the world.  Simply go to Follow Blog via Email located on the top right of this screen and press Follow.

We appreciate your consideration.  Should you have questions please leave us a comment or contact the SIUE Department of Music at (618) 650 3900.


The SIUE Friends of Music Board

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